Bangkok: A New Home?


May 24, 2006

Sunday Morning

Dear Family and Friends,

Just a quick note to say I have arrived safely in Bangkok.

The flights were uneventful and long: Miami-Detroit...3 hours Detroit-Tokyo...13 hours. Tokyo-Bangkok - 7 hours, with 1-2 hour layovers on each stop.

From door to door it is about 30 hours.

I am still recovering from jet-lag.

I am spending my time getting reacquainted with my old neighborhood, meeting friends, taking a haircut and apartment hunting.

I found a small studio with nice furnishings and a great view from the 17th floor and a large swimming pool...all on a quiet street.

But just this morning I decided not to take it. I will be traveling most of the next three months so spending money on a apartment now seems unnecessary. I will be a vagabond for a while.

By the way, I am far away from the terrible events in Indonesia. I have a few friends in Jogjakarta, the epicenter of the earthquake. I tried to call them this morning but I was unable to reach them. I am a little worried.

Here in the north of Thailand there have been terrible floods from too much rain.

I have tentatively decided to head south, to Phuket, the island last visited by the tsunami. I have never been there. I need a good rest on a beach.

I started to feel just a little discouraged with the events of nature. But, we can't worry about things we cannot control. I promise I will do my best to be safe and stay out of harm's way.

Finally, I must tell you that I so happy be here again. I am looking forward to a month in Thailand before heading to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Please write.

Or visit.



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