Thailand: Bangkok

Bangkok: "Halloween"

"The Hot Dog Man"

Bangkok, Thailand

Monday, October 30, 2006


My Dear Fellow Gourmands and Ghouls,

“English Solutions,” my occasional school employer, sponsored their annual Halloween party on Sunday afternoon.

The owners of the school, Brian and Jason, own a large house near the school. They redecorated many of the rooms into “haunted houses” and party rooms.

Bangkok: A new home!

Bangkok, Thailand

June 1, 2006

Dear Family and Friends,

Perhaps you are familiar with the aria by Giuseppe Verdi from Rigoletto, "La Donna e Mobile"? Loosely translated it means that a woman may change her mind.

Say hello to il Signore Mobile.

A couple of days ago I looked into the mirror and I failed to see a "vagabond." I did see a traveler who really needs a "home base."

Today is the first day in my new studio apartment in Bangkok.

I'm shocked!

Miami to Bangkok: "One Way Ticket"

Aventura, Florida
October 1, 2004

Dear Family and Friends,

I am off again on a new adventure. On Sunday, October 10, I am leaving Miami for an extended trip to The Balkans and The Adriatic. I will return home on December 1.

Albania. Italy. Croatia. Slovenia. Since I expect to visit many new places, I have been especially "planful." Some of my friends and neighbors are concerned about my safety and my adventurous attitude. These concerns are sincere and I do respect everyone's thoughts on these matters. I have done some research and I am feeling confident that I will be OK. Maybe the "facilities" in Albania will be a little old fashioned. But, hey, a small price to pay to visit exotic lands. Now I will tell you a secret about your friend Jan.

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son: "Happy New Year"

Mae Hong Son
December 31, 2001

Dear Family and Friends,

I am writing from Mae Hong Son, a small town in the mountains in the northwest corner of Thailand, near the border with Myanmar (Burma).

Tonight is New Year's Eve and the hotel is providing a "gala dinner" and entertainment. I have also found two noisy clubs with live music, so there will be no lack of celebration. The town is fully booked with Thai people on vacation and an assortment of "farangs" -- foreigners.