Thailand Koh Chang

Koh Chang: "A Mixture"

Koh Chang

Trat Province


December 14, 2004


Dear Family and Friends

I am sitting on the restaurant deck that overlooks a small private beach. I am watching the sun disappear into the Gulf of Siam.  I am on Koh Chang, (Elephant Island), the second largest in Thailand, off the eastern peninsula close to the border with Cambodia.

The sea is calm, only a few gentle ripples tickle the sand; the bright red sun seems to be resting against a misty white screen.

Koh Chang: "Where is Barry?"




18 December 2010 


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Dear Family and Friends, 


My trip to the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand last week raised two questions: 


1.  On the island of Koh Chang:  “Where is Barry?” 


2.  In the city of Chanthaburi:  “Why are there rabbits everywhere?”