2008 Super Bowl XLII: Super Big Problem: "Who do I root for?"

Konrad F. Florida USA Bangkok Thailand

3 February 2008

Dear Konrad,

(cc: Sport-fans)

Thank you for your response to my Giants - Patriots problem-letter last fall.

Yes, I am a native New Yorker and your question, "...don't you have a soft spot for the good old Giants?" really touched my Bronx heart.

So now, on Super Bowl Sunday, I have another big problem. Who do I root for?

Can I forget the New York Giants of our youth? Robustelli, Modjulseki, Huff, Gifford and that bald quarterback, what was his name? I even went to a game once at Yankee Stadium.

Then I moved to Philadelphia. The Eagles, Fliers, and Sixers were never my cup of tea. And one time at The Vet, I nearly got into a brawl when a Philly-fanatic objected to my cheering for The Mets. "Hey you with the beard," he growled and threatened. "Sit down."

Then I moved to Boston where I lived for seventeen years. At that time The Bruins were still King. But who could resist Bird and Havlicek? The Sox? I clearly remember the Buckner business. I had to keep my smiles to myself. I admit I never made it to Foxboro.

Then I moved to Miami. The Panthers meowed once or twice. The Heat flared and died. The Marlins broke Cleveland's heart and then got broken up for their efforts.

The Miami Herald above-the-fold banner front-page headline every Monday morning tells the Sunday story of The Dolphins. Such is the love of football in The South.

Actually, the 'Canes, the 'Noles and the 'Gators are the most consistently successful outfits in South Florida.

So, on Super Bowl Sunday, I have a big problem. Who do I root for? The team of my youth or the team of my adulthood?

Here's where it's at for me:

Since my Miami Dolphins, lo once again, just missed going to the playoffs, I am disinterested.

I haven't checked the paper so I don't know the line. If I were a betting man I would simply bet the favorite to cover the spread.

The bottom line for me is that I will root, root, root for the Home Team. Clear?

Here in Bangkok, the game will be broadcast live early Monday morning. I will try to find a TV in a bar or hotel. There's always Yahoo.

By the way, as a happy, glad, fellow Bronxite and a good old New Yorker yourself, I am sure you can tell me the name of the only person who played for both the New York Rangers and The New York Knickerbockers at Madison Square Garden on 49th and Eighth. Remember? We used to go for 50 cents and our GO Student Card!

Sometimes there even was a basketball double-header!!! The Celtics came to town to play the Syracuse Nationals in the early game. The late game was the Knicks and the Minneapolis Lakers with George Miken & Co.

Enjoy The Game, my old Highbridge friend,

Clueless and confused,


PS Take your meds