Nha Trang 2: A Sincere Proposal

July 24, 2003

Nha Trang


Now, here's a story: 

In Nha Trang, I have breakfast at the rooftop restaurant of The Rainbow Hotel. The owner, a woman about my age is surprised and then happy when I insist on the Vietnamese breakfast of Pho -- delicious broth with noodles and vegetables, and a cup of filtered Vietnamese coffee.

We chat for a while. She lived in Chicago for many years before returning to Vietnam. A bit later, her thirty-six year old daughter appears. Han is "drop-dead" gorgeous. Need I say more? With smiles all around, Han invites me to dinner that evening.

As a proper guest in Vietnam, I arrive on time at 7:00 with two bouquets of roses, one for Han and one for her friend who would act as translator and chaperone. A box of sweets for Mama who soon disappeared. The table at the roof top restaurant is a groaning board of chicken, vegetables, salads, rice and beer. Han is divorced with a nine year-old son who charges in from time to time ... a delightful, happy boy.

Towards the end of the meal, Han asks me when I would return to Vietnam. Since I have no travel plans for the end of the year, I could honestly say that I will return, possibly, in December. Then the translator responds, "Well, when you return in December, you can marry Han."

Your response to this story is the same as mine. But then I started thinking. Then I started thinking again. I am still thinking. "Hey, you never know."



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