Selçuk: "The Market, the Basilica, the Citadel and the Locomotives"

06 November 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

After Ephesus, I took the day off to wander around Selçuk.

I found the Citadel, the Basilica of St John,* the remains of a Roman aqueduct and a colorful Market.

I took a bus to Çamlik to wander around the Steam Locomotive Museum.

Of course, I wandered into one or two pastry shops.


*Church of St John.  “According to the historian Eusebios, St John returned to Ephesus with Mary after being banished from Jerusalem between 37 and 42 AD.  He continued to write the Bible after the execution of St Paul and after a period died at Ephesus.  Following his will he was buried in the southern foothills of Ayasuluk Hill.  First a wooden-roofed Early Christian Church was constructed in the 5th Century over a simple graveyard and crypts were established within this church.  In the middle of the 6th Century, a monumental cross-in-plan basilica with domes was constructed by Emperor Justinian replacing the earlier church.”

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