Hua Hin: "Doing (Almost) Nothing"

Hua Hin Thailand

November 12, 2004

Dear Family and Friends,

Just a brief note to tell you that I have arrived safely in Bangkok. The flights were all on time and quite comfortable. So far I have done . . . well . . . nothing . . . or almost nothing. I got reacquainted with some friends and with my old neighborhood and the local merchants and food vendors.

Just down the Soi (small street off the large boulevard), I found another food vendor with a whole variety of chicken and fish concoctions, one more delicious than another.

Now I am at my favorite beach resort, at my favorite hotel, where the staff was happy to see me again, and here I am also doing next to nothing. Really, I haven't visited one temple or one museum. I haven't taken one picture. For the moment I am just relaxing.

By the way, my leg seems to have recovered. Yesterday morning I took a brisk, one hour walk on the beach, watching the sun come up over the gently rippling and wondrously warm Gulf of Siam. I even tried a few tentative jogging steps. Hey, if you'd like to call me, I have a new toy. International calls are not as expensive as you might think. Remember that Thailand is twelve hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the US.

I think that on Monday I will travel south by train to Ko Samui. I am told... another beautiful island resort. Stay tuned. Bye for now.



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