"The Border" Part 3. The Caucasus.

Jomtien Beach


March 16, 2023

In The Border: A Journey Around Russia, Erika Fatland outlines the history and current disputes in Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.

In addition to the capital cities Baku, Yerevan and Tbilisi, Erika visits the disputed areas of Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia.  The disputes seem intractable while local populations try to survive.

During more stable times my own visit to the Caucasus was filled with beautiful scenery, and generous people.

On my arrival in Georgia, the immigration officer presented me with a bottle of local wine.  The local vodka called Cha-cha is available on the breakfast buffet.  Winston Churchill survived the Second World War on Cuban cigars and Armenian brandy.  Azerbaijan petroglyphs tell the story of ancient Caspian Sea fishermen.

What is not in dispute is that The Caucasus is a scenic, challenging yet intriguing area of the world.


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