Malacca: The Wedding Party



January 12, 2013 


I’ve never seen a happier group of people than I saw at the Wedding Celebration at the home of the Bride. 

My friend Jeannie, the Mother of the Bride was constantly smiling. 

Teen age girls were giggly as they prepared their “games.” 

The Groom had a huge toothy smile when he arrived at the “locked” gates with his buddies. 

The boys and girls were laughing as the Groom “paid” his way into the Bride’s home. 

The girls were hysterical as they “tortured” the boys with their games. * 

The large family was so full of laughter that the family photos are really individual frames of a comedy video. 

Guests and family members, young and old, were joyful as they exchanged the traditional “red packets.” 

The only serious event occurred when the monks arrived and chanted their blessings for the Bride and Groom.  And for one fleeting emotional moment, I observed tears in the eyes of the Mother of the Bride.

This was a happy morning.  A truly happy event for everyone.  


  • In the first game the girls filled a large syringe with a green liquid and then injected the liquid into the boys’ mouths.  The boys seemed disgusted.  (I found out later the liquid contained wasabi.) 
  • In another game, the girls fastened a long ribbon around the boys’ waists.  The ribbon hung down below their knees.  At the end of the ribbon was a plastic bag that contained a raw egg.  The object of the game was for the boys to smash the egg against another egg.   You can imagine the motions necessary to complete the task. 
  • The third game involved lipstick and kissing a sheet of paper that contained paper hearts.

 Does anyone have any idea what all this means? 

PS  There was a similar event at the home of the Groom that I did not attend.  I was exhausted from the epidemic of laughter and happiness. 

PPS Perhaps you are asking, “So when is The Wedding?”  It turns out that Felicia and Leow had been legally married for several weeks before the parties.  They registered at the municipal building, signed documents, swore an oath, exchanged rings, and visited their temple with family.  

They also posed for an album of colorful and creative professional photographs.    You can find all the photos on Felicia’s Facebook page: Felicia Sin.   I have copied several to my website:


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