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January 11, 2013 


Dear Friends,  

“You are invited to a wedding in Malacca?”  

Leonie, a young traveler from the Netherlands, asked me that question last night at the Formosa restaurant.

The answer to her question is a story that begins in Turkey! 

In 2009, in southern Turkey, on a group tour from Şanlıurfa to Mount Nemrut, I met Ah-Bee.  Of Chinese heritage, Ah-Bee is a native of Sibu, Sarawak.  She now lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

A year later I visited KL.  Ah-Bee and her friend Michelle drove me to Malacca.  They returned to KL and I stayed two more days. 

In the evening I visited the Jonker Night Market.  I met Jeannie and her daughter Felicia who sold costume jewelry at a small market stall.  We chatted for a bit and exchanged addresses.  Email and Facebook explains the rest.  

Three weeks ago Felicia announced that she will be married and she invited me to her wedding. 

That’s the long answer to a short question. 

So here I am, a day early, strolling around familiar streets and visiting familiar sights.  

There are many tourists here from all over Asia and the West.  I meet Leonie from Holland.  At Harper’s Restaurant I chat with a lovely couple from Norway. 

(My table at the restaurant overlooks the canal.  On the opposite bank are busloads of tourists at the old fort.  In the water I shoot a family of undulating, spotted monitor lizards looking for a dinner of their own.) 

The wedding celebration begins tonight and continues tomorrow.  I will be happy to see my old friends again and maybe I will make some new ones.  Are there more “stories” in my future? 

Always connected, 


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