"World Heritage" Market, Cuenca, Ecuador:


Pop 417,000 / Elev 2530M

Southern Highlands


October 17, 2013 

My Dear Friends, 

You know that your friend Jan loves to wander around a UNESCO World Heritage Site and photograph the plazas and the parks and the buildings that are responsible for the World Heritage designation. 

By now, you also know that my stroll leads inexorably to the “real action.”  In Cuenca I found the action at the “World Heritage” market. 

On the ground floor, the ladies purvey their fruit, vegetables, bread, grains, and beef, chicken and fresh fish. 

On the second floor Food Court, along with a crowd of local folks, I enjoyed a “World Heritage” lunch. 

Is it my “World Heritage” smile that induces the vendors to pose for my camera? 

Always wandering, 



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