Echmiadzin: The Vatican of Armenia


The Republic of Armenia

October 18, 2012

John Yavroyan

New York, New York


Dear John,

cc: Armenian Friends and Friends around the World 

Thank you for encouraging me to visit Echmiadzin (Descent of the Only Begotten Son of G-d).  Here in 340, Christianity was adopted by the Armenian nation.  Echmiadzin is known as the ”Vatican of Armenian Apostolic Church.”   

The main cathedral, Mayr Tachar, is an impressive structure.  The dome gleams into the sanctuary.  The bell tower has rich carvings that date from the Seventeen Century.

Thank you also for suggesting I observe the khatchkars - the delicately carved Armenian stone crosses that have been gathered from around the country and are now on display.

Although Echmiadzin is very close to Yerevan, there are almost no other visitors here today.  Quiet and peaceful it is– the proper atmosphere for a holy place.


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