Myanmar Ancient Cities

Inwa, Sagang, Amarpura, Mingun: "Ancient Cities"

January 22, 2005

Back to Mandalay for two day's visit to the Ancient Cities. Day one - Inwa, Sagang, Amarpura. Day Two - Mingun.

Inwa. Nanmyin - a 27m high masonry watchtower. This one I climbed. Bagaya Kyaung - the entire monastery is built of teak and supported by 267 teak posts, the largest measures 18m in height and 2.7m in circumference.

Sagang. Colorful temples. Colorful market.

Amarpura. U Bein's Bridge - 1.2km footbridge, for two centuries now, the longest teak span in the world.

Mingun. "If we had to choose just one of the four ancient cities around Mandalay to visit, it would be Mingun."