Yahja: "Jan the Survivor"

Flores, Peten

Guatemala, C.A.

January 5, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

Hat Co...Sa Qax,

Yes, I am a survivor!

So far on this trip to Centro America I have survived the four hour angry-bull-ride disaster of a mountain road to Caracol in Belize. By contrast the Guatemalan countryside highway this morning to Yahja was mostly almost Interstate.

Antigua and Tikal: "Café Condesa"



January 9, 2007


Dear Family and Friends,

At 03:00am one morning in 1976, Antigua was destroyed by a "terremoto." The adobe homes here and and in many nearby villages were flattened by an earthquake. The ruins of the churches and public buildings remain. Three volcanos loom and threaten in the mountains surrounding Antigua.

Antigua is the gateway to the Guatemalan Highlands; the land here is high and mountainous and volcanic and colorful.

Solola, Lago Atitlan: "Thank you, Mr. Editor"

Santa Cruz La Laguna

Lago Atitlan




January 11, 2007


CondeNast Traveler
New York, New York

To the Editor:

I am a loyal and thorough reader of "CondeNast Traveler." I even cut out and save your articles. When I decided on Belize and Guatemala, I checked my "Central America" file. I found an article published in April, 1997: "The Gods Never Died - Like an infant with an old soul, Guatemala emerges from war to a vibrant Indian nation."