Ystad: Ales Sterner



August 1, 2015


In the south of Sweden, on the bus from Ysad, I met a young man who told me to get off at Kåseberga, three more stops.  From there I would be able to walk to Ales Stener.

The young man said he was also going to see Ales Stener so I was puzzled when he got off the bus well before the stop he suggested to me.   When I asked him why, he said, “I am flying there.” 

Flying there?  It’s only a few kilometers!

Malmö: The Sunday Stroll


(pop 279,000)


August 2, 2015


Weather clear and warm.

Stores  closed.

Great day for a stroll.

Boating on the canal.

Bicycles on the bridge.

Malmö: Elegant and Impressive



July 31, 2015

The taxi ride from the train station to the hotel is quite brief, yet my driver, an Iranian man, never stops smiling.  

I immediately like this city.

The ornate and colorful architecture is impressive without being intrusive.   

The grand Stortorget plaza is just that – grand.  

Saksun: The End of the Road


Streymoy Island

Faroe Islands

July 26, 2015

My Dear Friends and Family,

Today is my last full day here on the Faroe Islands.

I decide to drive north from my hotel at Torshavn and continue north and northwest to the town of Saksun at the very end of the road on Streymoy Island.

What shall I find along the way?

What shall I discover at the end of the road?

Mykines for the Birds


Faroe Islands

July 23, 2015

I'm so angry!

Nowhere in any brochure or on the website or anywhere is there any indication of a strenuous four-hour hike to see some birds!

We hop off the boat at the Meknes pier.  Only then does the captain-guide give us the news!

When I booked this cruise-day-trip, I expected to encounter the bird colonies here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  The guide failed to mention the location!