Nuremberg:  "Organized" 


A One-Act Play by Jan Polatschek

The Scene:  The Old Town of Nuremberg. c.1050.   Nuremberg, the city of mass Nazi rallies from 1933 to 1938.  A city almost completely destroyed by Allied bombing in World War II.   The location of the Nuremberg War Trials in 1945-47.

Cast:  In order of appearance:

Jan, an American visitor.

Carolina, a Philippine restaurant server.

Erika, a German office worker.

Helmut, a German office worker.

Alex, a German hotel receptionist.

Taxi Driver

Voice of Train Conductor


Alb-Donau District



October 30, 2016

On this pleasant Sunday afternoon in Ulm, my friends and hosts, Mark and Christine have offered to drive me and my cousin Diana to Blautopf.

It’s a sparkling sunny day.  The late autumn leaves retain their intense reds and golds.   Outside Ulm, the rolling wooded hills and valley farmlands are mostly bright green.

Blautopf in German means Blue Pot, not exactly an enchanting name for what is purported to be a scenic spot with an unusual underground geological formation.



Federal Republic of Germany

October 30, 2016


Der Ulmer Spatz


“Why all the birds everywhere?” I asked Mark, my host and friend. 

On my leisurely walk this morning, I spot colorful and creative sculptures of birds attached to the walls above the front door of shops and businesses.  There’s even a sculpture of a bird atop the cathedral.   And one lady in town decorated her window curtains with birds as the motif!  

 “Why all the birds?”



Federal Republic of Germany

October 29, 2016

My Cousins and the Stolpersteine

Otto Polatschek is gone but not forgotten.

Lisa Polatschek is gone but not forgotten.

In Ulm, Germany, Otto inherited a retail shoe business from his parents Alois Polatschek (1879-1929) and Paula née Brumlik Polatschek (1883-1932).  But as the Nazi menace in Germany became more threatening, Otto sold his business to the Werdich family and fled with his wife Lisa to Berlin.


Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

April 19, 2016


Many, many years ago, my wife at the time, the late Alice Dawn and I took a road trip from New York to San Francisco.  We visited her younger sister, the late Carolyn Dawn and her family.  On the way, we stopped in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Alice was a proficient horsewoman so we decided to take a two-hour early evening ride into the Grand Tetons.  Towards the end of our tour, in the deepening shadows of the majestic and inspiring mountains, I spotted a shy and apprehensive four-legged creature off in the distance. 

I proclaimed with excitement, “There’s a deer!”   Riding along side of me, our guide, calmly and with the taciturn air of a native of the mountains, responded, “That’s not a deer, son. That’s an elk!”