Ruth Polatschek: May 31, 1912 - May 31, 1999

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Ruth Polatschek  1912 - 1999  

Menorah Funeral Chapel

Aventura, Florida                                                               

June 3, 1999 

Jan Polatschek

I am very happy today.  I woke up and remembered to say the prayer: “Thank you G-d for restoring my soul this morning.”  Thank you for another sunny day in beautiful South Florida. 

I was dressing and began singing my mother’s songs: “What Good is Life without Love,” “I’m A New Woman,” and my favorite, “Come on Down to Aventura Town.” 

Bernice Diamond (1937 - 2000)

Bernice Diamond        

October 2, 1937 – April 11, 2000


My Friend Bernice


On a rainy Wednesday morning when the angels in heaven awoke and heard the news, they cried for us, sadly and with great passion.  Today as the morning deluge continues, the angels began to cry with great joy.  Bernice now and forever be with them. 

ALICE ROSEMARIE DAWN: June 19, 1940 - August 20, 2002

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Memorial Service
September 21, 2002
Beaver Country Day School
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 

Remembrance by Jan Polatschek

I met Alice Dawn in the spring of the year 1966.  We were married in October.  

Alice and I parted in 1981 yet I do believe that recently, Alice and I were good friends. 

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to tell you about some of my recollections.

Otto S. Polatschek: February 24, 1916 - July 4, 2007

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Nang Rong


July 5, 2007
My Dear Family and My Dear Friends,

My father, Otto S. Polatschek, passed away peacefully at 8:00 o’clock in the morning on July 4.  He was 91.  He lived in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Trudy Dessey, his partner and companion for the last nineteen years, reported to me that Otto had a stroke two days before.  He was taken to the hospital.  Trudy visited him on Wednesday morning and he just fell asleep.

Paula Polatschek Wiesenfeld: May 11, 1944 - June 5, 1972

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Bangkok, Thailand
May 11. 2009

Dearest Family and Friends,

This month and the next was always a difficult time of the year for me and my late parents.

My younger sister Paula Carol was born on May 11, 1944. She passed away on June 5, 1972.

Paula would have been sixty-five today. I am sure that it would have been a joyous birthday for her.

Paula was devoted to our parents, Ruth and Otto who were blessed with a slightly rebellious, yet loving and respectful daughter. Paula was admiring and proud of her older brother.

Jay Gilsen: September 4, 1940 - March 13, 2009

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Bangkok, Thailand
Sunday Morning
March 15, 2009

Dear Friends,

I have some very sad news to report.

After several battles, my friend Jay Gilsen passed away in New York on Friday, March 13. Jay is one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Jay was my Anderson Avenue, Highbridge, Bronx, New York neighborhood buddy and my classmate from Kindergarten through Taft High School. As regular "cut -ups," we often met at "the Principal's bench" at PS 73.