Japan Island

Yakushima National Park: Cedar Forest and Unique Shapes


Osumi Islands


February 24, 2014

On Yakushima Island, The National Park is the perfect location for my last day in Japan.

The Natural Recreation Forest or Shiratani Unsuikyo is situated 800 meters (2625 ft) above sea level.  The primal forest of Yakusugi Cedar groves covers an area of 424 hectares (1048 acres). Peering through the thicket of ancient trees, and alone in the forest-primeval, my view from the mountainside to the sea is ever-green and misty-obscured.

I hike the well-maintained trail up along a rising field of boulders and across a suspension bridge.  The trail runs parallel to a rushing stream.  I spot a group of small sika deer who browse the moss, unperturbed by my presence.